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C.T.F.C Burnt Heron Large Feathers

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The ORIGINAL spey feather (other than the extinct Spey Cock). If you have tied with Heron
substitutes like Rhea or Blue Eared Pheasant, you will quickly notice how much better the original

These feathers are processed  through a very gentle bleaching process. The feathers are lightened up
before they are dyed, this gives us the ability to not only create a brighter colour, it also allows us
to take the very fine "fuzz" off of the barbs. Many tyers use these finer plumes as toppings on 
tubes or very fine collars for shrimp and prawn patterns. The overall length of these plumes is
between 4-7 inches from tip to tip.
6 per pack 

*Very sorry but Heron cannot be set out of Canada*


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