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The River - Third year fly fisher

 Crawford Country Michigan, for many, is the fly
fishing center of the universe. The Holy Waters of
the AuSable it's glistening sun. The AuSable is life.
From legendary mayfly hatches to the birth of
Trout Unlimited, from it's famed AuSable river
boats to the epic battles
over land and mineral 
rights between profit crazed corporations and
grizzled river warriors. This river and it's storied
trout are a life's blood of a generation.

Vol. 6: Patterns of Patagonia - Henrik Mortensen
PATTERNS OF PATAGONIA Fly fishing academy volume 6 featuring Henrik Mortensen Henrik Mortensen is back at the worlds finest sea trout river Rio Grande in Patagonia in southern Argentina in his 6th DVD. A dream come true for any angler
searching for steelhead - Kevin Feenstra

In Searching For Steelhead, you will learn the basic philosophy of swinging flies. The production provides valuable insight about fishing large and small rivers, fish behavior through the seasons, fighting and releasing steelhead and the equipment used. Fly patterns are also tied and explained!

Born and raised in West Michigan, Kevin Feenstra has fly fished since the age of 12. As a teenager, he caught his first steelhead on a swung fly. Since that time, swinging flies for steelhead has become his passion. Upon moving to Newaygo, Michigan, Kevin found his home on the Midwest's premier steelhead streams. The Muskegon River and other local rivers were the perfect testing ground for flies and techniques. In this DVD he shares his extensive knowledge and experience. 

Skagit Master ALL VOLUMES

Skagit Master Vol. 1 

Features step by step grass casting sequences demonstrating the various Skagit Poke casts, Skagit Double and C-Spey.  Real world application of Skagit Casting in actual fishing situations.  Ed Ward tying an Intruder with Co-designer, Jerry French.

Skagit Casting with Switch rods for trout and other species. Line Splicing techniques. Special guest appearance by steelhead guides Scott Howell, Mike McCune, Scott O'Donnell and Jeff Hickman. Special Bonus Features section.


Skagit Master Vol. 2

Filmed in BC and Oregon, "Steelheading Outside The Box" is the most insightful, technique focused steelhead film in over a 25 years. There are no indicators or dead drifted nymphs in this film, just deeply sunk swinging flies, jacked by Skagit Flight and Skagit Short shooting heads, wicked looking custom Intruders and water spitting popping bugs chugging behind the latest high tech Scandi heads. It's steelheading Scott's way. Whether he's dropping a cone head Prom Dress through 10 feet of cold winter flow to a short piece of holding water or popping a foam lipped Ska-opper over a roily boulder patch, Scott knows where fish live and how to make them to respond.

Few "How To" films deliver the goods. From the intimate coastal streams of Northern BC to his home waters in Oregon, Scott Howell goes fishing and shares the techniques he developed throughout is career and lands over a dozen wild steelhead in the process.

Scott's philosophy is, "If that steelhead intended to eat your fly, it would have". You shouldn't worry about the ones that got away or the short strikes, dull pulls and plucks. Enjoy and respect them all. But cherish the ones you get to touch.

Skagit Master 2 Featuring Scott Howell is the perfect companion to Skagit Master Volume 1 Featuring Ed Ward.


Skagit Master Vol. 3

Skagit Master 3 presents modern concepts in steelhead fly design. No single steelhead pattern is a silver bullet. Confidence in the fly you choose plays a major role in your success. But thinking beyond what you learned in the "how to" books of the past often results in some cool fly concepts. 

Skagit Master 3 features a few modern patterns and the steelheaders who tie them: Hannah Belford, Tom Larimer, Eric Neufeld, Jeff Hickman, Ed Hepp and of course Scott Howell, Ed Ward and Jerry French.

Steelhead flies showcased: The Grizzly Bear, Reverse Marabou, Orange Blossom, Fish Taco, Underachiever, Ska-opper and an Ed Ward Intruder. 

Skagit Master 3 is much more than a fly tying film: The steelheaders in the show invite you into their world. A series of underwater studies examine light and dark flies in various water and light conditions. A flow tank is used to present each pattern in a controlled environment.


Skagit Master Vol. 4

Return home with full time steelhead guide Tom Larimer to fish with a few of the guys who "Cracked the Code" on swinging flies for steelhead in the midwest. Soul-roller Dave Pinczkowski, close friend Jay Niederstadt, and veteran guides Jeff Hubbard and Greg Senyo spend long days fishing with Tom on their home rivers. Urban streams surrounded by a sprawling metropolis, wilderness spring creeks, large tail water rivers, and slate bottom spate rivers, all suffering the lowest flows since 1944, present a mountain of challenges for the anglers.

Skagit Master Volume 4 presents concepts used in the first 3 Skagit Master DVDs and applies them to these varied waters of the midwest. From Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Steelhead Alley in Ohio, Tom and his buddies use innovative big fly designs, Airflo Skagit heads and sink tips loaded on Sage ONE two handed rods to hook and land many steelhead - on the swing! 

Flies tied in Skagit Master Volume 4: Two versions of Dave's Bad Hair day, Hubbard's Firecracker Leech, The Tube Leech, and Senyo's Artificial Intelligence.



An awesome film shot over the course of two and a half years in Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York and various parts of Ontario. Though largely a film about the pursuit of Steelhead on the swung fly, the film also focuses on the past, present and current issues the Great Lakes are experiencing, how these issues affect the fishery and how they might affect the Steelhead populations that call the Great Lakes home



Heart of the driftless- Third year Fly Fisher
The Driftless region is a true undiscovered gem. Nonexistent only a few decades ago, environmental & agricultural practices changed through the careful guidance of state and local government, local organizations like TU and dedicated farmers transforming the areas famed coulee limestone creeks into some of the most unique and storied wild trout habitat.

The Heart of the Driftless will introduce you to creeks many of them smaller than the length of your rod,choke full of wild browns and brook trout providing some of the best fly fishing in the world.
Night of the Hex- Robert Thompson
Big Bugs , Big Fish.. A fly fishing experience
As June arrives in the midwest, it ushers in the emergence of the Michingan mayfly , Hexagenia Limbata. This prolific hatch comes off at night and with it brings out the biggest trout to gorge on these bugs.This is truly a unique fishing experience and can offer an angler both heartbreak and the possibility of a trophy Brown trout, often in a single night.

Follow our Midwestern fly fishermen , through various obsticles as they chase this hatch and hunt these these Large Brown Trout under the cover of darkness. ``Night of the Hex`` offers a rare glimpse of what goes into fishing a hatch that is so unique, It has rarely been photographed!

Musky Country : Zero 2 Hero - Robert Thompson
Shoot over 3 months in the North Woods of Wisconsin. is proud to be a part sponsor of this incredible DVD .
Musky Country : Zero 2 Hero - Robert Thompson.

This is a visually stunning introduction into what it takes to go after the toughest fish in fresh water--- The Mighty Musky--with a fly rod Z2H will transport you into the heart of the beast and, along the journey, shows you an angling frontier right in the heartland --- Northern Wisconsin .This remarkable fish have a way of capturing anglers more so than the reverse...witness the authentic and true tale of Musky Country!

As a bonus watch the catch and release of a world record line class Musky on the fly by Angler Brad Bohen during the filming Zero to Hero in September , 2010. 



Spey to Z

This DVD brings a fresh easy to follow look at Spey casting, both with single handed and double handed rods.
It progresses from simple overhead casting through double haul single handed rod onto full single and double spey casts with a double hander. Each step is fully explained in great detail and is filmed in real time and slow motion from several angles leaving the viewer with no doubt about what the line should be doing. The explanations of loop control and timing highlight how the many types speycast have common aspects.

With Dr Way Yins understanding of the mechanics of the human body we are shown how subtle body movements can greatly increase our casting/fishing efficiency.

All this is followed by a comprehensive look at Scandinavian style Spey casting with shooting head systems, again featuring detailed analysis of anchor/loop control by Topher Browne with well filmed troubleshooting tips that point out the mistakes we are likely to make.

Overall this DVD is very well produced and the film and sound quality is first class. With each repeat viewing the beginner or expert will learn to progress their casting ability.

Running Time 93mins

Advanced Spey - John and Amy Hazel
JOHN AND AMY HAZEL are as accomplished a Spey Fishing couple as you will find.They guide and instruct on a daily basis out of their Fly Shop and Guide Service in Maupin, Oregon on the Deschutes River. John is a pioneer of Spey Fishing in the Northwest and has introduced hundreds to the sport. Together they are a great team that delivers concise and detailed instruction you can take to the water.



CASTING SHOOTING HEAD AND SKAGIT BELLY LINES requires different skills and techniques than with conventional lines. You will discover in this information-packed video what you need to change in your set-up, execution, and delivery to make these lines work for you. You will receive detailed lessons on five different casts: Switch Cast, Snake Roll, Change of Direction, Circle, and Double Spey.


CUTTING AND CONFIGURING Shooting Head and Skagit Belly Spey Lines is no easy task. John & Amy will show you how to weigh and cut your shooting head line so that it will exactly match your rod. They will also demonstrate how to cut your sink tips for Skagit Belly lines to make them fish perfectly. You will get all the details on the knots and techniques needed to completely assemble both systems.

Saltwater Torpedoes - Leif Staveno
Leif Stävmo, six-time world casting champion and a well-known Swedish fly fisher, is your guide into this exciting world of saltwater fly-fishing.

Belize is all about blue skies, turquoise water, white sands, and lightning-fast saltwater torpedoes in the shape of Bonefish, Permit and Tarpon. Join Leif and his friends on a "hot" adventure. Anybody who has tried this exciting fishing once is hooked for life!

This film is filled with action-packed fishing, mixed with useful tactical and technical advice. In addition to this, you will also find loads of extra information about tackle, flies and destinations.

Bonefish fishing odyssey - Charles Rangley- Wilson
‘BONEFISH - a fishing odyssey’ is a quest after the catch of a lifetime, a giant specimen of the most spooky fish in the whole wide-blue ocean – the bonefish, ghost of the flats – a fish that will mess with your eyesight, your nerves and your sanity!

Join acclaimed writer and presenter Charles Rangeley-Wilson on an island-hopping odyssey, a journey that’ll take you by plane, mailboat, taxi and bicycle, in the colourful company of the extraordinary, ordinary people of the Bahamas – all of whom have something to say about a fish that is carved into the identity of the place, about where we might find our prize. And the spectral, nomadic giant-bonefish will take our search down to the wire.

The Scandanavian spey cast II - Henrik Mortensen

In this volume of the Fly Fishing Academy Henrik Mortensen expands on the intriguing Scandinavian casting and fishing style he first presented in volume four. In addition to the overall fishing strategy message, the two foci of the film are efficiently and effectively employing the lift in the cast and the art of dry fly fishing.

Henrik demonstrates and explains how important the lift is for the cast, and how by doing an alternative cast, which Henrik dubs the Triple C, one can change the lift and direction of the cast. With this demonstration and detailed explanation it is easy to see how important casting techniques are and how they benefit catching results. To add to the intrigue, Henrik employs the use of the highly practical switch rods, which are becoming more and more popular.

The Scandanavian spey cast - Henrik Mortensen


In this volume, Henrik Mortensen focuses on what he terms "the Scandinavian Spey Cast." To lend perspective, he visits the famous River Dee in Scotland to analyze the historical roots of the traditional spey cast with a classic Scottish ghillie. He then travels to Canada's beautiful Gaspé Peninsula in Eastern Quebec to illustrate his modern, redefined version with practical implementation on three of the most challenging salmon rivers in the world: Grande Cascapedia, Bonaventure, and Petite Cascapedia. Under sub-optimal conditions of the early season, low water, few fish and very clear rivers, the benefits of the Scandinavian Spey Cast become apparent.

Henrik's perfection of the Scandinavian Spey Cast, and his unique method of body movement and its importance in the cast is also neatly illustrated from the banks of the river Mörrum in Sweden. From both the European and North American continents, he also demonstrates where and when one should use short and long casts, and the type of line and leader to use under various circumstances. When the salmon doesn't take the fly, simply change tactics...this shows you how.

The perfect cast - Henrik Mortensen

All fly fishers dream about the perfect catch. This only happens through a combination between a top-notch cast and the the unique ability to fish the fly with ultimate deception, regardless of the conditions. The first step, the art of casting the fly, is the most fundamental building block of a good fly fisher. In this video, you will be exposed to the basics in fly casting and the fundamentals of the underhand casting technique in various situations, while taken on a journey through Iceland at some of the world's finest and most exclusive salmon rivers in the world.

A native Dane, Henrik Mortensen is recognized as one of the world's finest casting and strategy instructors, having educated thousands of fly fishers throughout the world over the last seventeen years. Add a record of more than 2300 Atlantic salmon caught on fly throughout Scandinavia, Iceland, Scotland and North America, and it is obvious that he speaks from experience. In addition to teaching the art of fly fishing, Henrik has worked professionally in fly tackle design and development for more than eleven years, currently as the Head of Design and Development for Scierra.

Steelhead legacy - Lani Waller

Disc One contains the three instructional films made for 3M/Scientific   Anglers titled “Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead”, “Advanced Fly Fishing for Pacific Steelhead” and “Fly Fishing for Trophy Steelhead.” 

 Released in 1987, these films were heralded as among the best instructional shows ever made.  The topics covered included equipment, strategies, tactics and footage of Lani showing his proven techniques of casting for, hooking and landing Pacific steelhead.  These VHS shows have been unavailable for a few years, but now Worldwide Anglers has re-mastered them to the DVD format.

Disc Two follows Lani on a recent trip to the northwest where again he is hooking and landing steelhead.  In this show Lani also updates casting techniques, equipment and strategies that, in years past, were not even imagined.  Also on this second disc is a Chapter on the accessible and bountiful steelhead fisheries throughout the Great Lakes region.  This Great Lakes Chapter includes maps and advice on where, when and how to fish these plentiful rivers.  And the “Bonus Chapters” section includes a fun Behind the Scenes making of the show.

Distance and delicacy - Henrik Mortensen

With the second volume in Henrik Mortensen's Fly Fishing Academy, we present you with his fundamental approach to fly fishing, which is based upon total control of the fly. In order to demonstrate various techniques, he chose one of the most prestigious and challenging locations in the world to fish for sea trout, the famed Rio Grande of Tierra del Fuego in the southernmost part of Argentina.

Tierra del Fuego, which was once thought to be a myth at the end of the world, holds every worldrecord for sea trout caught on a fly rod. And even though the Rio Grande calls for serious distancecasting in many places and forces anglers to deal with strong winds from the Andes Mountains, Henrik still pursues and demonstrates the ultimate control of the fly. Using both single and doublehanded rods, Henrik will teach you how to take advantage of the wind - and cast and fish with confidence in spite of it.
The general strategy used for the huge sea trout is small flies fished on long leaders, but he also covers sink line tactics and fishing throughout the darker hours with larger flies. Detailed directions are given on underhand casting with floating and heavy sinking lines. Particular consideration is also given on the ability to angle the line without disturbing the water.

Even if you are not planning a trip to Tierra del Fuego, this film is still worth seeing as the strategies and techniques Henrik teaches in it can be applied everywhere you go in pursuit of the big catch.

Cracking the code - Henrik Mortensen
In his third volume of the Fly Fishing Academy, Henrik Mortensen concentrates on the art of salmon fishing - assessing the situation, formulating a strategy and executing the plan. His instructions run the gamut, from reading a river to effectively fishing for the elusive salmon. This edition follows him throughout the entire process of catching salmon under tense and unfamiliar conditions in early season, using real-life scenarios.

Henrik is back in the Land of the Midnight Sun near the Polar Circle - Iceland, amidst the world's finest salmon rivers. Even though many Atlantic salmon traverse these rivers, there is no guarantee of a catch. The rivers are quite demanding, concerning casting techniques and, especially, fishing strategies. The riverbeds change every season with the spring flood, thereby changing the pools. Therefore, it is critical to have the skills to thoroughly analyze the situation, even if the river is very familiar.

Make no mistake, correctly reading the river and decoding its hidden messages is a precondition for success. Only a few people in the world understand how to read the water, the whirlpools, the surface and the bottom conditions like Henrik does. Henrik's method of decoding the hidden messages in the water enables him to pinpoint the exact spots in a pool where the salmon stand and what fly and technique to use.

Additionally, he goes in depth with the noble art of hitching. Hitching gives one the ultimate pleasure of fly fishing because the angler can follow the fly the entire time to see how and when the salmon strikes. It is generally believed that many rivers in Iceland are too cold for hitching, but Henrik disproves that theory as he fishes in water no more than 6 degrees Celsius.